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Why do we have to limit free accounts ?

When we launched Serpivore in september 2021, we offered a free plan with 20 keywords/day with all the Serpivore features included in it. It got hundreds of free users within few days. After two months there were so many free users that we could not afford to get any more. Meanwhile, it took some time for us to have paying users.

In march 2022, having already many customers, we started giving access again to our free offer, reaching the limit of 1000 free accounts within 2 days!

Free accounts have a certain cost to us, which is currently about one third of our profits.

We hope to give away more free accounts within the coming months, because we believe SEO analytics should be accessible to anyone, especially for people who are getting started on internet and do not yet have enough traffic, audience or online income to afford SEO tools.

How does it work ?

This page is intended for people seeking a free access. Every time a free account churn (it automatically churns if there is no activity during 20 days or if the user upgrade to more keywords), this page will give you access to register for free to Serpivore with the original 20 keywords/day free offer, no credit card needed. Keep your eyes open for the green button!

At the moment, you may need to be quick and lucky! The green button generally pops 2 or 3 times a day. We hope to increase the limit to 2000 free accounts soon.

Alternatively you can subscribe to Serpivore paid plan that starts at only $5/month for 100 keywords/day which is the best offer on the market at this time and the best tracker to use along popular SEO tools suites such as Ahrefs, SEMrush or Moz.

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