Why tracking your website ranking is so important

No matter which tools you are using to assist you with your SEO in 2024, website rank tracking will bring you numerous benefits. Let's review some of them:

1. It saves you time by automating Rank Tracking

A rank tracker saves you hundreds of hours every year by automatically tracking and monitoring all the keywords your site ranks for. It constantly keeps an eye on any changes to your search rankings for your target keywords. Doing this manually with such efficiency would be impossible.

Furthermore, using Serpivore to track keywords can go far beyond what you could afford with an all-in-one SEO tools. Instead of just tracking the few hundreds of keywords found by these tools, you can go way beyond and track tens of thousands of keywords every single day. You can track long tail keywords and all the specific keyphrases suggested by SEO keywords tools.

2. It helps evaluate your current SEO standings

Without using a SERP tracker, you can never be sure if your SEO strategy is working or not. When you publish new content, target a new set of keywords, or optimize your site for a new topic, you can only know if your site is moving up or down the search results by using a rank tracker. If your rankings rise for a keyword after publishing a new article, it means your SEO strategy is working. On the contrary, if your rankings continue to fall, you should reevaluate your strategy. You will need this overview on both short term and long term, but also on a large scale of keywords.

3. It can help you diagnose SEO problems

Every time Google updates its algorithm, your organic traffic may drops. This can be caused by a penalty, a technical glitch, a test of new SERP features by Google, or something else.

Tracking Keywords will give you hints to figure out the cause of the problem. With keyword tracking history, you can also figure out when particular pages or keywords have dropped and this may allow you to zero down on the reason.

4. You can keep an eye on how your competitors rank

Apart from tracking the performance of your own website, keyword tracking also gives you valuable knowledge about your competitors. When you monitor your competitor’s tracking, you can learn about new content or landing pages released by them to get a better rank for certain phrases. Moreover, you can learn from the competition since you also get to know new phrases that may be targeted by new content.

All that information can reveal the websites that are stealing your traffic. Based on that data you can launch new pages to outrank those websites or choose to have a firm ranking with improved content.

With Serpivore you will get access to detailed information and tracking history about up to 10 of your fiercest competitors.

5. Discover new keywords, features and opportunities

Google SERPs have evolved a lot recently. While those changes have improved the search experience for users, SERP tracking has become increasingly difficult. Serpivore advanced SERP features tracking allows you to know how your website performs in featured snippets, top stories, shopping results, sitelinks, and any other SERP features.

This allows you to hunt down new and missed opportunities. Changes in SERP features may also bring great potential for boosting your traffic conversions and brand awareness.

Are you ready to use a SERP Rank Tracker ?

Keyword Rank Trackers are crucial for gaining insights on your SEO strength and developing a long-term content marketing strategy that consistently drives organic search traffic to your site.

Investing in a premium rank tracker like Serpivore gives you a significant advantage over your competitors and helps you discover new keyword ranking opportunities promptly. Get started today!

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